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Go Home Go Home Check the history of the site, what has been changed recently and what problems you may encounter A short introduction about Valkenburg, its history and the excavations A short description of the different sites A visual impression of the 6 different building phase of the castellum The stratigraphy of the Valkenburg sites, as determined by prof. Van Giffen Access to the different albums with pictures of the finds Some pictures taken at the excavation of Site VI in 1943 The original excavation drawings, and information and pictures of the finds Distribution maps of the finds Download files containing information on Valkenburg Field drawings and other visuals A general introduction about searching pictures by keywords Much samian ware, the roman's luxury tableware, was found at Valkenburg. Here you find more info about the samian
ware found in Valkenburg, and samian ware potters. Search samian ware potters by (parts of) stamps. Whiteware flagons were mainly used for wine. Many fragments of such flagons were found at Valkenburg Automatically determine the type of your own white ware flagon, or compare your data with the flagons in the database. If you want to read more about Valkenburg, samian ware or whiteware flagons. If you want to know more about the contributors to this site, or want to contact us ...embarrassing....Go away...