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Whiteware Flagons

Whiteware flagons is a very common type of Roman ceramics. At almost every site the remains of these utensils are found. Usually only fragments remain, although in cemeteries complete flagons may be found: burial gifts.

Click the mouse on the picture to stop the flagon. This actually is a very nice one. It also has a text inscribed, probably the name of the owner. This type of graffitti is not uncommon in military contexts, even samian ware often was fiercely inscribed by the owners who apparently were afraid that a fellow soldier might pinch the object.

The inside of the flagons often is covered with a thin layer of resin to prevent the liquid from evaporating. Whiteware flagons probably were mainly used for wine.

In the lower countries many complete flagons were found in several cemeteries near the city of Nijmegen (Noviomagus). Stuart created a typology for these flagons which is still in use.

During the Valkenburg research an automated tool to determine the types of whiteware flagons, based on the Stuart typology, was developed. You want to see more ? Go to the Stuart page and have a look....
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