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Samian Pottery

For dating purposes, Samian ware (also called: terra sigillata) is the most reliable of the pottery groups. Roman potters often put their stamp on the object. This picture, for example, shows a detail of a dish from the potter Aquitanus, who was active approximately between 40-70 AD in La Graufesenque.
A detail of a dish, with the stamp of the potter Aquitanus Of many potters their years of production are known, thus providing a terminus post quem for the layer in which the stamped object was found. Beside that, the Samian ware often was lavishly decorated with very specific geometric patterns and typical animals and flowers. These decorations also may provide an indication about the potter of the object.

In Valkenburg, a tremendous amount of high-quality Samian ware was excavated. Valkenburg was a relatively 'early' site (from 40 AD on). On the other hand, the Batavian revolt of 69 AD very clearly shows in the stratigraphy as a thin dark layer with much charcoal and other burnt remains. All the selected finds are from below this layer that acts as a terminus ante quem, and therefore the finds are from before 69 AD.

The pictures of the Valkenburg Samian ware are collected in picture albums. During the Valkenburg research also a facility to search information regarding Roman potters was developed.

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